Tyranid Warriors

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This kit also includes the option to build a Tyranid Prime. This monster is distinguished by its own breastplate; head and crest; shoulder protectors; and has the ability to add a crescent tail.

Alongside this multitude of options, there are also enough adrenals and venom sacs to complement the entire unit and a choice of 4 different faces for the warriors.

This plastic kit contains 89 components with which to make 3 Tyranid Warriors or 2 Tyranid Warriors and a Tyranid Prime.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

Tyranid Warriors are synaptic foot troops for the Hive Fleets. Warriors are among the most important Tyranids in combat, as not only are they powerful and deadly creatures, but they are also synapse creatures that direct smaller creatures and are the focal points of the Hive Mind.

Tyranid warriors are large creatures, albeit significantly smaller than the massive hive tyrants. They are fast and powerful, with the ability to be strong at range or close combat similar to the Hive Tyrant. Tyranid warriors are the most adaptable of all hivemind bioforms. Creatures from the blackest of nightmares, they are unstoppable killing machines with pulsing blood ooze, needle-sharp teeth and dark gleaming eyes that reveal terrible intelligence at work. A Tyranid warrior is twice the size of a human, its carapace protected by thick chitin. One might expect such a creature to be slow in its actions, but a Tyranid Warrior is lithe and reacts as quickly as a whip. Tyranid Warriors have the mental flexibility to wield a variety of bioweapon symbiotes. As such, they can lead all aspects of a Tyranid swarm on the battlefield: at close range with claws, boneswords, and whiplashes, or at longer ranges with devourers, deathspitters, or even heavier biocannons. Whatever weapons he wields, a Tyranid warrior is a dangerous and implacable enemy, able to identify and exploit his targets' weaknesses with innate cunning. Worse still, since a Tyranid warrior, with his alien consciousness permanently bound to the timeless hivemind, has instant access to a reservoir of knowledge and experience spanning epochs should his own prove insufficient for the task at hand.

Though formidable fighters themselves, it is the Tyranid Warriors' role as synaptic hubs of the Swarm that makes them truly deadly. Tyranid warriors are psychic resonators for the hivemind's unwavering will and some of the more common channels used to exert control over the hivefleet's less susceptible creatures. As such, Tyranid Warriors form an important link in the Tyranid hive, acting as relays and amplifiers through which hive Tyrants issue their orders. So crucial is this role to a hive fleet's efforts to defeat the defenders of a booty world that each hive tyrant is invariably accompanied by multiple spawns of Tyranid warriors bred from their own flesh - to enhance the psychic bond throughout the hive. That's not to say that Tyranid Warriors are just drones, as each has an instinctive ability to assess local battlefield situations. They can then, if necessary, direct these Tyranid creatures close to them, like an officer deploying their forces to exploit any tactical weakness that might arise in the enemy's defenses.

The Tyranid Warrior (Gladius) is a species of the genus Warrior (tyranicus tyranicii). The Gladius species itself is highly adaptable to any combat role, with over 212 known variants - combining flying, walking, leaping biomorphs with ranged biological weapons or attacking symbiotes. The base biomorph array for Tyranid Warriors is a Devourer and a pair of Scything Talons. However, a great different combination of weapons was observed, including Rending Claws, Boneswords, a Lash-Whip, a Barbed Strangler, a Venom Cannon, a Deathspitter, and Spinefists.


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