Necron Tomb Blades

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Originally a starfighter in the dying days of the war in the skies, the Necrons' robotic bodies meant that traditional pressure-sealed and canopied vehicles were unnecessary. The ship proved so successful that modified versions soon began appearing in planetside battles. The ship is capable of performing flight maneuvers controlled by hyperfractal equations that organic pilots could not perform without suffering blackouts and nausea.

The Tomb Blade has odd motion for a vehicle of its design, forgoing the arrow-straight vectors of other jetbikes in favor of dimensional repulsor motors that ensure gravity and friction have little impact on its frame. As a result, the ship often crosses the battlefield instead of taking a more direct approach, constantly changing vectors and altitude to disrupt enemy aiming. No flesh-and-blood pilot could ever hope to withstand this style of flight. However, their flight patterns are pre-programmed by hyperfractal equations, as a normal Necron warrior would make a terrible pilot.

Tomb Blades often operate well ahead of the main army, attacking lightly defended positions with their dual-linked Tesla Carbines, Particle Beamers, or Gauss Blasters. As support equipment they use Shadowlooms and Nebuloscopes.

This multi-part plastic set contains 162 components with which to build three Necron Tomb Blades. This set includes 2 small flying sticks, 2 long flying sticks, 3 small flying bases, and 2 Necron transfer Sheets.


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