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It doesn't matter whether you want to decorate your workplace or your home with stylish lamps in the logo design, make it easier to find your keys in your pocket with a Star Wars keychain or whether you want to make your love for the Games Workshop Warhammer universe visible to everyone with a mug - In our online shop you will find merchandise that inspires you every day!

Do I need merchandise?
If you are surrounded by things that make you smile first thing in the morning, and if these things accompany you throughout your day, you will feel more comfortable and can cope better with stressful situations, for example. And what's better than sharing your hobby with others? So show what makes you happy and find other people who smile as much as you do! :)

Practical, trendy or just a bit crazy? Your choice!
You will find T-shirts, caps and mugs (as unusual classics!) as well as beanies, backpacks, slippers, bathrobes and even ties. The metal vacuum bottles and vacuum mugs with a print are ready to accompany you to the office, on road trips... Just as practical as any plastic bottle - but "cooler"! (Or "hotter". your choice.)

As a seasonal decoration, Harry Potter Christmas socks bring a smile not only to children´s faces, and you can enjoy doormats (e.g. from Disney) and the detailed, impressive artworks from Games Workshop all year round.

Various lamps and logo lights are not only popular as background decoration in videos, but also subtly illuminate your gaming corner. How about a Batman desk pad? And the mini-Yoda from "The Mandalorian" will be sure to keep an eye on your smartphone while you're painting, playing a game or reading a book.

Plush toys such as the popular Pokémon and the plush octopus are ideal for fans big and small. These are decoration and cuddly comforter all in one! And for those who for now prefer to concentrate instead of cuddle, we have various puzzles of the characters from "The Witcher" in stock!

One Shots - Only while stocks last!
Most items from the merchandise range are so-called one-shots. This means they are produced by the manufacturer once in a certain quantity (similar to a limited product), after which production for that model is discontinued. This means that the merchandise items from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Super Mario, Marvel, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Pokémon and many others that are available from us are normally only available in the specified quantities - so if you like an item, do not hesitate to to secure this for you!

Browse and discover
Of course, we always try to provide you with as life-like product images and as many useful details as possible in the description, which will make it easier for you to make a decision which item is the right one for you.
How soft a plush toy is, or whether you like a print in detail and the exact color and quality of a T-shirt or hoodie, cannot be conveyed via the monitor. So feel free to drop by our shop in Bremen and take a look at our merch (and board games, Games Workshop items, painting accessories...) up close - there's a lot to discover, whether as a surprise and gift for your loved ones, or as a treat for yourself! Our employees are also happy to help and advise you if you are looking for a specific item or would like to know more about our items.

Do we have everything? Certainly not! But more is coming - get it before it's gone!

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