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Welcome to the Infinity Tabletop category at Kutami. Here, you will find everything you need for action-packed tabletop battles in the science-fiction universe of Infinity. Learn more about the gameplay mechanics and the different factions to make your games even more exciting and strategic.

Infinity Tabletop Gameplay - Dynamic and Tactical Tabletop Battles

Infinity Tabletop is a tactical tabletop game set in a distant future full of conflicts and intrigues. The gameplay is based on an efficient and dynamic activation system, where players can activate and react to units alternately. This provides a high level of interaction and strategic depth in each round.

The battles in Infinity are characterized by high precision and effectiveness. Each unit has individual abilities and equipment that must be carefully used to achieve victory. An important aspect of the game is hacking enemy units and systems to weaken them or gain control over them.

Infinity Tabletop Factions - Choose Your Side in a Futuristic Conflict

The Infinity universe is home to a variety of factions that fight for power, resources, and influence. Each faction has its own strengths, weaknesses, and play styles that you must master to be successful. Some of the key factions are:

  • PanOceania: The most powerful and advanced faction, known for its high-tech equipment and elite units.
  • Yu Jing: An Asian empire with a strong focus on heavily armored units and advanced war technology.
  • Ariadna: A rugged and resilient faction that uses traditional weapons and tactics due to their isolation on a distant planet.
  • Haqqislam: A faction that specializes in medical and biotechnological knowledge and deploys a variety of infantry units.
  • Nomads: A rebellious and independent faction that relies on fast, mobile units and advanced hacking abilities.
  • Combined Army: An extraterrestrial faction that combines the technologies of various species to overwhelm their enemies.
  • Aleph: A faction controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence that relies on advanced androids and special units.
  • NA2 - Non-Aligned Armies: A group of mercenaries and smaller factions that turn against the established powers for various reasons.

Tips for Using Infinity Tabletop Products

  • Study the rules and gameplay mechanics of Infinity Tabletop carefully to develop a deeper understanding of the game and its strategies.
  • Choose your faction based on your preferred playstyle and the miniatures that appeal to you the most.
  • Invest time in painting and designing your miniatures to make your game figures unique and appealing.
  • Organize game nights or tournaments to share the fascination of the game with other Infinity Tabletop enthusiasts.
  • Exchange ideas, strategies, and suggestions with other Infinity players.

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