Zombie Dragon

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Zombie dragons are huge skeletal beasts that are often used as mounts by Flesh-eater Courts and Soulblight Gravelords, both as war beasts and as mounts for abhorrent Ghoul Kings and Soulblight Vampire Lords.

Resurrecting a zombie dragon is a crowning achievement for any necromancer, and many of the nobles of Soulblight consider them the only creatures worth taking to war. So they set out in search of legendary draconian graves, pass tough trials and fight all sorts of strange beasts, especially the dragons themselves, who regard the desecration of their resting places as an unforgivable insult. To successfully revive and deploy a zombie dragon requires a ritual of great humiliation and sacrifice. The sharp intelligence of living dragons is removed and replaced entirely by the will of their master, with only a few zombie dragons, usually animated by natural sources of necromantic magic, possess even a hint of sensation. So when the Summoner is killed, the zombie dragon begins to crumble and collapse, its unholy animus dissolves until it can be called again.

Zombie dragons are the most physically strong creatures raised by necromancy, and show that no creature of flesh, bone and blood can exceed their invigorating power. They are able to breathe plague clouds that are so sharp that they leave only bones. Soulblight vampires often use these formidable monstrosities as attack beasts to overpower phalanxes of armored knights and others as flying mounts of their vampire masters.


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