Zodgrod Wortsnagga Orks

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This 12 part plastic kit makes one Zodgrod Wortsnagga and is supplied with a Citadel 50mm Round base.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

Zodgrod Wartsnagga is a notorious orc runtherd who was perhaps the largest runtherd in orc history before being expelled from the chargerz of warboss Ugulhard Duffgruntas, a fiercely fundamentalist band of snakebites who ruthlessly opposed the use of advanced technology.

After the expulsion, Zodgrod traveled the galaxy learning several ancient Orkoid techniques to create enhanced Gretchin that possessed more aggression, intelligence, and sheer ferocity than any of their counterparts, which he dubbed "Supa-Runtz".

Zodgrod is now hired by Ork Warbosses and Warlords who are particularly desperate to use his Supa-Runtz in combat.

Zodgrod started out as a member of Warboss Ugulhard Duffgrunta's "Chargerz", a tribe of Orcs descended entirely from the Snakebites clan who were normally determined to cling to the ancient Orc ways but had managed to master a relatively high level of to develop technology.

Zodgrod was made the tribe's runtherd, the orc responsible for breeding Snotlings that would eventually be fired from a Shokk assault rifle as living ammunition. Zodgrod proved unusually effective at teaching his Gretchin to follow orders and act aggressively. His Gretchin, known as "Commando Runtz" among the Chargerz, became quite well known among the local greenskin tribes.

However, also unusual for an orc, Zodgrod was fanatical about protecting the welfare of his simple-minded trainees, a situation that turned bloody after Zodgrod fired a mek from his own shokk assault cannon for manipulating the gretchin that served as ammunition.

For this action, Zodgrod was banished from the Chargerz himself by order of Ugulhard Duffgrunta, as his ruthlessness almost cost the Chargerz victory in battle.

Zodgrod embarked on the spacelanes as an orc privateer with his beloved Gretchin, selling his services as an unprecedented runtherd to any greenskin warboss or warlord who could pay his dues, and living on the fringes of what passes for orc society.

In the course of his wanderings, Zodgrod came across the writings of another Orc Runtherd named Narflung, who had experimented on his Gretchin until they displayed heightened intelligence, aggressiveness, and coolness under fire, becoming a formidable military force when working together.

Narflung called this Gretchin "Super-Runtz" and the techniques he used to achieve these results were actually what people call "Pavlovian conditioning" which involved lots of bell ringing and the reward of a fat, juicy Squig, if the Gretchin did required it. With this information, Zodgrod soon created his own race of Super Runtz and began renting them out to many Orc tribes and WAAAGH!s as an effective fighting force.

Most traditionalist Orcs believe that the notion of Gretchin, who are fearless and competent warriors, poses a terrible threat to the very fabric of Orkoid society. But many other orc leaders in desperate need will not hesitate to hire Zodgrod and his elite gretchin.

Surprisingly, they have proven to be a potent force multiplier on the battlefield for any greenskin force willing to use them without first laughing out loud at the idea.


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