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Bakunin's elite scout units, known as the 'Zeros,' are renowned throughout the cosmos for their unparalleled expertise in reconnaissance and sabotage missions conducted deep within enemy territory. Tasked with gathering crucial intelligence and disrupting enemy operations, these highly trained operatives operate with precision and stealth, striking fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

The origins of their codename, 'Zeros,' stem from their remarkable track record of success. Despite the high-stakes nature of their missions, the Zeros boast an exceptionally low rate of failed operations and casualties. Their ability to execute missions with surgical precision, while minimizing risk to themselves, has earned them a reputation as the vanguard of Bakunin's covert operations.

With a blend of cutting-edge technology, ruthless efficiency, and unwavering dedication to their cause, the Zeros embody the spirit of Bakunin's defiance and resilience. Whether infiltrating enemy strongholds or gathering critical intel from the shadows, these elite operatives stand ready to tip the scales of war in favor of their faction, one clandestine mission at a time.

This box includes three miniatures:

  • one Zero Hacker
  • one Zero Minelayer with Combi Rifle and Bran do Castro
  • Triple Zero with Shock CCW

Complement your Bakunin Observance Action Pack (REF: 281522-0995) with these versatile skirmishers.


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