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Zama hails from a tribe that calls the vast plains north of the mainland their home. Once embroiled in conflict with the mighty empire, her people have since chosen to pay tribute to the formidable Emperor Song and have offered their services as skilled mercenaries. Zama's own journey is intertwined with that of Shiho Hiroto, a connection born during his travels abroad, a tale perhaps for another time. Through a twist of fate, bonds of blood and honor now bind her and her kin to him, and they have come to the city of Jwar, poised to fulfill the debt they owe.

Zama possesses a unique and profound connection with the awe-inspiring eagles of her homeland. These majestic creatures obey her every command, and she wields their power with finesse and mastery. Her relationship with the Tengu, revered and respected from her past experiences, further cements her place as an ally to these enigmatic beings.

A true master of falconry, Zama possesses an uncanny ability to direct her feathered companions in battle while remaining safely out of harm's way. When confronting larger adversaries, her eagles target the eyes, creating a strategic advantage for other assailants to exploit and finish off their foes.

In addition to her avian allies, Zama employs cunning and skill as a hunter. She is well-versed in the art of traps and snares, setting clever traps to ensnare her enemies and turn the tide of battle in her favor. If a foe falls victim to her barbed lines, she possesses the speed and agility to chase them down, ensuring they meet their fate at her hands.

Zama, with her unparalleled falconry expertise, her bond with the eagles, and her cunning as a hunter, stands as a formidable force on the battlefield. Her presence in Jwar, alongside her fellow tribespeople, represents a formidable alliance and a formidable debt of honor to be repaid.


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