Yuta of Yurei Themed Warband

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The Yuta of Yurei are three low-hearted sisters who walk the dark paths of the world, sowing chaos and corruption everywhere. Having closed Yurei's Dark Bargain on the promise of power and eternal life, they have become one, united like a coven screaming their desires and longings into the night, and always at the expense of others, never on themselves. They unite their powers to cast long-forgotten spells for good reason, incantations that spawn nothing but malice and disease and vicious yokai dripping with hatred. They haunt the dark places of Jwar, pecking across tombs and battlefields like carrion crows to breed Gashadokuro skeletons and summon Kairai to aid their schemes of evil intent. But three used to be four; there was another sister before they became a triumvirate. Her name is Hikari, and because she refused Yurei's bargain, her own sisters killed her and rendered her soulless.

Every Yuta model has access to some of the strongest and most expensive Ki abilities in the game; They focus their ki so they can cast these foul incantations. Their shared ki means they cannot use their magic on each other. Hikari, the Fallen Yuta, offers Yuta players more options as her now soulless nature allows her to automatically win opponent's Ki Tests.

Contains 8 miniatures with 30mm bases and 13 English suit Cards.


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