Yukio Koshimori, Emperors envoy

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Koshimori Yukio is one of the brightest and most cunning minds in the Empire. Many question his recent arrival in the Jwar Islands, some consider his appearance an ill omen; that the Empire's interest in the islands will be piqued, while others claim that it can only lead to prosperity. What is certain is that when Yukio speaks, he speaks with the authority of the Emperor, and whether he is questioning a samurai's honor, chastising a subordinate, or barking orders, he cannot be disobeyed. Yukio is a representative of the Imperial Court and can issue a decree on her behalf if those present displease him. This single action leaves those who oppose him with their plans in shambles, their troops powerless and left with no choice but to obey the Emperor's word.

This model can be fielded as part of a warband belonging to the following factions:

  • Ito clan
  • Jung Pirates
  • Minimoto clan
  • Ryu Prefecture
  • Shiho clan
  • Silvermoon Syndicate

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and one colored profile Card.


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