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Describing the Katanaka family as cautious in matters of trust would be an astonishing understatement; it's a tradition that stretches across generations for vassal families to painstakingly earn the faith of their daimyo. Since their arrival in the enigmatic realm of Malifaux, and the inception of the Ten Thunders syndicate, the Katanaka family has leaned on outsiders to bolster their ranks. Yet, the threads of paramount influence within the syndicate remain woven by Katanaka blood, save for a single exception.

At a cursory glance, Youko Hamasaki appears as little more than an exceptionally appealing young woman. Prior to her ascension to overseeing the Qi and Gong, a tea house infamous and revered in the realm's Little Kingdom, she presided over several smaller tea and geisha establishments, none of which garnered significant renown.

In essence, Youko embodies the very expectation associated with her station, and therein lies her profound strength. She is a master at straddling the fine line between inconspicuous and remarkable, an art she has mastered to the point of appearing utterly unassuming. Such a trait proves invaluable for a geisha, but even more so for the orchestrator of a far-reaching espionage network.

The deluge of information coursing through Youko's grasp is staggering. Daily, a myriad of reports converges at the Qi and Gong: whispered murmurs of a Guild operative's slumbering words, hastily etched tallies of Soulstones extracted from mines by the Union, detailed logs of traffic observed through the eyes of inquisitive pigeons guided by spellcasters' magic. Scarcely does a pulse escape Malifaux's rhythm without Youko capturing its echo, and from that chorus, she crafts a symphony of insight into the actions of others.

That the Katanaka family reposes their trust in her competence and loyalty speaks volumes, though their convictions might waver if they glimpsed the vault of blackmail Youko has cunningly compiled about her compatriot lieutenants. She entertains slim odds of ever needing to unveil that particular hand, but her creed centers on preparedness.

In the event suspicion dawns that Youko surpasses her facade, unveiling her true depth would prove an arduous task. She has methodically expunged nearly every trace of her past life, with a solitary exception: her daughter, Chiyo. Any utterance concerning Chiyo's lineage is strictly prohibited, and those daring to brush upon the topic—no matter how fleetingly—vanish into obscurity, leaving not a trace behind.


  • Yokou Hamasaki
  • Chiyo Hamasaki
  • Bill Algren
  • 3 Geisha


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