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Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear by Noah Van Nguyen

Yndrasta is not just any hunter; she possesses an ominous presence, often leaving freshly decapitated heads silently at the foot of Sigmar's throne as her signature gesture. In "Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear", penned by Noah Van Nguyen, she is tasked with the defense of Riika-Min, a unique sled-city that migrates across the frosty expanses of Ghur's tundras.

As she embarks on a mission to defeat a formidable kraken threatening the city, Yndrasta forms an unexpected bond with Njda, a local resident. As the story unfolds, Njda realizes that the hunter's fierceness might just overshadow the terror posed by the sea monster threatening her home. Originally launched as a shimmering limited edition, this enthralling novel will soon be available for pre-orders in a robust hardback format.

  • Sprache: Englisch

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