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Embark on a journey that spans the realms of the "Resurrectionists" and "Ten Thunders" factions, where the power of retainers and their unwavering loyalty come to life. This assembly introduces models that embody the essence of dedication, service, and the intricate relationships that define the crew. Bound by the keyword "Retainer," these characters symbolize the unbreakable bonds and devoted service that shape the narrative of the crew.

Contained within this offering are:

  • Yan Lo: An entity that mirrors the essence of the "Retainer" keyword, Yan Lo embodies the power of leadership, loyalty, and devotion that define the Retainers within the Resurrectionists and Ten Thunders factions. As you prepare and assemble the model, you contribute to the legacy of unbreakable bonds and dedicated service that shapes the narrative of the crew.

  • Soul Porter: A model that reflects the dedicated and supportive nature of the "Retainer" keyword, the Soul Porter embodies the power of assisting and serving within the crew. With every detail meticulously captured, the Soul Porter stands as a testament to the essential role of support in the crew's endeavors.

  • Izamu, the Armor: A symbol of loyalty, defense, and unwavering commitment, Izamu stands as an embodiment of the "Retainer" keyword. Representing the resilience and protective nature of retainers, Izamu's model becomes a testament to the unbreakable bonds that define the crew.

  • Gokudo x3: A trio of entities that reflect the loyal and devoted spirit of the "Retainer" keyword, the Gokudo embody the power of dedicated service and the essential roles within the crew. As you prepare and assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of loyalty and service that define the Retainers.

Step into the universe of Malifaux with models that embody the spirit of loyalty, dedication, and unwavering service. The "Retainer" keyword guides your path on the tabletop, where every action and decision reflects the crew's pursuit of unity and the essential role of Retainers within the Resurrectionists and Ten Thunders factions.


  • Yan Lo
  • Soul Porter
  • Izamu, the Armor
  • Gokudo x3


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