Wyrdscapes - Solarium

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Within the heart of Malifaux City lies a forbidden realm, shrouded behind imposing walls—the Quarantine Zone. Hidden from the gaze of curious citizens, this enigmatic enclave pulses with its own internal geography, a labyrinth of landmarks and neighborhoods cocooned in secrets. And now, the power to unfurl these hidden tales rests in your hands, poised to breathe life onto the very tabletop before you.

In the dimly lit alleyways of the Quarantine Zone, battles take shape against the relentless onslaught of the hungry dead. Each cobblestone becomes a strategic crossroads, every dimly flickering streetlamp a beacon of tactics. Meanwhile, within the decrepit remains of another cityscape, warfare emerges on a canvas of epic proportions. These intricately detailed terrain pieces become your toolkit, elevating your gaming experience to realms previously unexplored.

Envelop yourself in the whispers of the Quarantine Zone, where anticipation hums in the air like an electrifying melody. As darkness descends, the landmarks and neighborhoods etched into these terrain pieces rise from the tabletop, echoes of history given form. Your game transforms into a living narrative, every move and decision a stroke upon the canvas of this hidden realm—a place where decay meets revelation, where forgotten stories echo like distant memories.

The Quarantine Zone's terrain pieces reshape the boundaries of your gaming experience, infusing it with immersive depth. As you traverse this forbidden landscape, your battles gain new meaning, each outcome a verse within a story only you can tell. Whether you're confronting the relentless hunger of the undead or orchestrating grand warfare, these meticulously crafted elements enhance your game to unprecedented heights.

Discover the challenge, embrace the secrets, and unleash your forces upon the remnants of a world concealed from curious eyes. The Quarantine Zone beckons you to unravel its mysteries on the tabletop, breathing life into its landmarks and neighborhoods, and propelling your gaming experience into a realm of unparalleled Immersion.


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