Wyrdscapes - Graveyard 30mm

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The Graveyard bases become a tribute to both artistry and history. Within the 30mm space, five worlds unfold, each a microcosm of somber beauty and echoes of the past. As you place your miniatures upon these bases, they become part of a tableau—a tale that honors their significance and elevates them beyond mere figures.

Whether your miniatures are poised to confront the hungry dead in a dim alleyway or to wage glorious war on the battlefield, these bases become platforms for immersion. Themed inserts capture the essence of these scenarios, infusing each miniature with a narrative that spans moments of tension and heroism.

The Graveyard 30mm bases are more than display tools; they are invitations to dive into the stories you've crafted with your miniatures. Each base becomes a portal to imagination, a chance to honor the craftsmanship and imagination you've invested in your collection. With each miniature's placement upon these bases, you invite observers to peer into a world that transcends the tabletop.

Embrace the power of presentation and storytelling. Step into the realm of the Graveyard, where your miniatures find a home that reveres their tales, where each base becomes a stage where battles are fought and stories are woven. Within these dioramic bases, your miniatures stand as characters within a larger narrative, a tribute to the worlds you've created and the passion you've poured into them.

Contains five 30mm bases and themed inserts.


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