Wyrd Games - Clear 40mm Translucent Bases

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Unveil the true essence of your miniatures with our set of five plastic 40mm clear translucent bases. Meticulously designed, these bases offer a captivating and versatile way to enhance the visual appeal of your gaming figures.

Crafted with precision from high-quality clear translucent plastic, each base becomes a stage that allows your miniatures to take center stage. The transparent nature adds an extra layer of depth and subtlety to your tabletop creations.

Whether you're a passionate wargamer, a dedicated role-playing enthusiast, or a collector, these clear translucent bases seamlessly blend with various game systems and genres. With a set of five bases, you have the perfect quantity to transform a significant portion of your collection or spotlight essential characters within your force.

Illuminate your gaming experience with the understated elegance of our clear 40mm translucent bases. Watch as your miniatures come to life on a foundation that highlights their unique character, allowing you to showcase their intricate details and individuality. Each base becomes a canvas of transparency, allowing you to present your miniatures in a way that captures attention and celebrates their craftsmanship.


  • 5 Plastic 40mm Clear Translucent Bases


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