Wolf Guard

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The Wolf Guard are the most elite veterans of the Space Marine Chapter of the Space Wolves , comparable to the Sternguard veterans of any Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter. They are the bravest warriors of each of the order's grand companies, handpicked by the wolf lord of their grand company to serve as his chosen protectors and the vanguard of his forces.

Each Battle-Brother who serves in this elite unit has earned their place through an exceptional feat of arms that sets them apart from their brothers, for a Wolf Guard is chosen for their heroic deeds and not for their age or length of service with the Order. As such, the Wolf Guard maintain a mix of hot-blooded young warriors and staunch veterans in their ranks.

Each Wolf Lord favors his chosen warriors with gifts such as ancient weapons, ornate Artificer power armor of ancient origin and pattern, and most valuable of all, rare and revered suits of Terminator armor. In battle, Wolf Guard members are tasked with leading other units or forming a bodyguard to protect their wolf lord.

The kit includes five different pairs of legs, six different torsos, five different backpacks and 28 different heads to customize your backpack. Assemble the miniatures as Gray Hunters, Blood Claws or Wolf Guard!


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