Wolf Guard Terminators

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Wolf Guard Terminators of the Space Wolves

Wolf Guard, known as Varagyr or Housecarls in Fenrisian, are the seasoned elite of the Space Wolves.

The Wolf Guard are the greatest warriors of all the Space Wolves Great Companies. It is their duty to lead packs into battle or provide a bodyguard to key members of the order on the battlefield, especially as a wolf lord. They are also often the leaders of squads, passing on their knowledge and experience to their younger charges. Unlike other Chapters, age is not the primary route into the Wolf Guard. Progress generally depends on bravery and heroism. To properly fulfill their role, the Wolf Guard have access to the best gear the Great Company has to offer, including Terminator armor.

Aside from earning the respect of the Wolf Lord of their respective Great Company, there are no specific criteria for induction into the ranks of the Wolf Guard. Battlefield skill and heroic deeds are the most likely route to earning a promotion, but saving the Wolf Lord's life in battle is another surefire way. Wolf Guards themselves fight with the weapons they excel at, and no special protocol is required. Some will prefer the gear they used in their previous roles as Blood Claws, Gray Hunters and Long Fangs, but there are few who can resist the lure of the raw power that Terminator Armor offers. As such, Wolf Guards are most commonly equipped with Terminator-class weapons such as Storm Bolters, Power Weapons, Lightning Claws, Assault Cannons, Heavy Flamers, and Cyclone Missile Launchers.

The great wolf Logan Grimnar's wolf guard is so large that it is divided into several smaller packs. Collectively, however, they are known as the Kingsguard.

The Wolf Guards can be clad in either Power Armor or Terminator Armor.

Void Claws are Logan Grimnar's boarding party of choice for space battles, their fearsome wolf claws deadly in the tight spaces of ship corridors and holds. The Wolf Guards who choose this style of warfare prefer close combat even more than many of their brethren, and revel in the savage joy of sinking their claws into the flesh of their enemies. They are led by Torfin Daggerfist.

This box set contains five multi-part plastic Wolf Guard Terminators. This 100-piece set includes: five different leg variants, five torso variants, and 13 different pauldrons variants and 13 heads. Also includes: four sets of wolf claws, an assault cannon, four thunderhammers and storm shields, a heavy flamethrower, five storm bolters, three power fists, two chain fists, a frost ax and a power sword. The models are supplied with 40mm round bases.

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Genialer Bausatz
5 from 5

Mit den WOlfsgarde-Terminatoren bekommt man einen wirklichen geniaen Bausatz in die Hand. Es sind verdammt viele Teile drin mit denen man seine Terminatoren individualisieren kann und es sind alle Waffenoptionen des Codex enthalten. Was besonders erfreulich ist, ist das man die Teile mit jedem Terminatorbausatz kombinieren kann. Ich habe meinen für einen Umbau der Chaosterminatoren genutzt. Wirklich klasse.

Martin F., 23.06.2011 Verified purchase
5 from 5

Gutes Produkt

Michael K., 30.09.2012 Verified purchase
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Color Primer Matt Black
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