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This multi-part plastic kit contains seventy-two components - everything you need to assemble three Aeldari Windriders. Incredibly slim jet bikes with an array of sensors on the rear adding interesting structural details, they have the option of a raised HUD - ready for an attack run. Your shuriken catapults can be upgraded to either a shuriken cannon or a spread laser; Three of each are included, meaning nine weapon options in the box. Also included are three new Warden Helms, three Small Flying Bases, and an Aeldari transfer sheet.

The jet bikes used by Craftworld Aeldari are sleek one-man vehicles powered by powerful anti-gravity engines. The beautifully crafted Aeldari Jetbike is a marvel of engineering that combines high speed with incredible agility and maneuverability through subtle manipulation of the antigravity field. It is capable of such speed that without the prodigious reaction speed of an Aeldari, it would be deadlier to the rider than to its foe.

These incredible machines are so finely crafted that a skilled pilot can traverse leagues in mere heartbeats before unleashing a hurricane of shuriken fire at close range on enemy ranks. Retaliation is nearly impossible as the jet bike is agile enough to carry its pilot to cover. With this powerful anti-gravity technology, jet bikes can even be used to climb up the sides of buildings.

For an Aeldari, mastering the jet bike is an exciting challenge. Jetbikes have long, curved wings on either side that allow the rider to perform incredibly sharp turns in the air, and the strength of their anti-grav engines can be subtly manipulated to send the jetbikes into a steep nosedive or sharp climb . Even for an Aeldari it takes Terran years of practice to master the potential of a jet bike, but one who does develops a relationship with his steed comparable to that of the horse masters of Aeldari mythology.

Jet bike riders act as scouts and responsive assault troops, hurtling across the battlefield in a colorful blur before unleashing tight salvos from their hull-mounted shuriken catapults, which can be upgraded to carry a single shuriken cannon instead. A common tactic for jet bike riders is to completely avoid enemy lines and then close in on their vulnerable rear, taking a fearsome toll before revving up their engines and speeding away again.

Horsemen are usually armed with an additional shuriken pistol, although warriors from the Shining Spears Aspect Warriors use a laser lance designed to fire a laser beam at an extremely short range. Many Aeldari warlords are known to ride jet bikes into battle, including Autarchs, Farseers, and Warlocks. Once members of the Shining Spears Aspect Shrine themselves, these Autarchs are known to ride into battle alongside the Shining Spears.


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