Wild Riders

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The Wild Riders of Kurnous are Orion's personal honor guard, each as aggressive and impulsive as the king of the woods himself. They are cowardly and dangerous creatures who are not quite the elves they once were. Now and forever they are part of the eternal glory of the Wild Hunt.

Wild Riders are outwardly reminiscent of the olden days of the elves. Their weapons are things of pig iron or even flint; their ceremonial robes and armor are seldom more than the pelts of the beasts they slay on their sacred hunts.

Yet the Wild Riders have an otherworldliness and nobility that cannot easily be denied; the power of Kurnous flows through her as surely as through Orion. During the winter months, while Orion's spirit slumbers, the Wild Riders watch bright-eyed over the king's glade, wordless except to challenge those who have invaded the holiest of groves. Their authority is absolute, for in accepting the honor of becoming a Wild Rider they have separated themselves from the society of the Wood Elves in every respect except in the service of their king. In fact, the Wild Riders are so alien to other elves that few of their former relatives dare speak to them, let alone question their actions.

As winter turns to spring and the ritual of rebirth begins, the Wild Riders preside over the ceremony and once again bind themselves to the Eternal King. In a night of magic and horror, where ghostly figures and eerie screams haunt the glades, the lord of Athel Loren is awakened from his death sleep once again. The high cry of Orion's horn sounds across the Wild Heath and the hunt begins anew. All of Athel Loren trembles as Orion's footsteps thunder through the forest, gaining speed and followers with each step. In his wake come the Wild Riders, made stronger and more savage by the awakening of their master.

They ride not mortal mounts but steeds of Kurnous - manifested aspects of the hunt as tireless and determined as the elves who carry them into battle. Only the bravest or most foolhardy individuals remain abroad when the Wild Riders' horns are heard in the wind, for their otherworldly tones invoke fear of prey in all who hear them. Such an instinct is well-founded, for the Wild Riders show no mercy once the hunt has begun. Those unlucky enough to be caught in their path are ridden down without mercy, their death a sacrifice to the king's timeless splendor in the woods.

Though devoted to the needs of their noble king, the Wild Riders have no claim to incorruptibility; In fact, it would be ridiculous for any being to make such a claim in Athel Loren, where much is illusory and the magic of enchantment is wielded by so many and with such skill. To protect against subversion, Ariel placed the very first Wild Riders under an oath of secrecy that has since bound all who wore the Hunter's Mantle.


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