White Dwarf 497 (Feb-24) - engl.

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Dive into the February issue of White Dwarf, where the universe of Warhammer unfolds in unprecedented detail. This month, immerse yourself in the Bunker section, introducing a thrilling new scenario for Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, alongside an innovative cardless play for Warhammer Underworlds, perfect for fans of the competitive skirmish game. Gracing the cover is Ushoran, signaling an extensive feature on the Flesh-eater Courts, complete with cunning strategies and rules for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Explore the second installment of the Strongholds of the Realms series, showcasing the formidable fortresses of Order and Destruction, coupled with a compelling short story set in the Varanspire. The Lumineth Realm-lords also make a luminous appearance, defending Hysh against the darkness. In the realm of the future, discover new rules for Space Marine Scouts in Kill Team and meet the Insidious Infiltrators, a deadly Combat Patrol unit, complete with datasheets. The issue also continues the Tale of Four Warlords, offers insights from Inquisitor Coteaz, and presents two pieces of Warhammer 40,000 fiction. Warhammer: The Old World enthusiasts will revel in the first printed Battle Report for the game's latest edition, featuring the Tomb Kings and the Kingdom of Bretonnia in a nostalgic display of tactical warfare. February's White Dwarf is a treasure trove for Warhammer fans, old and new.


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