Weathering Pencil Aluminum

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Aluminum Weathering Pencils are a modeling enthusiast's dream come true. These water-based pencils, each measuring a generous 17cm, feature semi-grease paint that has been meticulously crafted for the world of modeling. Whether you're taking your first steps into this captivating hobby or you're a seasoned modeler seeking to up your game, these pencils are tailored to meet your every modeling need.

The hallmark of Aluminum Weathering Pencils is their specially formulated color. Whether you aspire to create weathering effects, shading, or any other artistic nuance, these pencils offer unparalleled performance.

Control is key in modeling, and you'll find that these pencils deliver it in spades. Their design makes them incredibly easy to handle, allowing you to apply paint precisely where you intend, ensuring your modeling projects are imbued with precision and finesse. Say goodbye to the frustration of imprecise tools and welcome the ease and precision of Aluminum Weathering Pencils.

For optimal results, we recommend using Aluminum Weathering Pencils on a matte surface. This ensures that the colors adhere beautifully and blend seamlessly, giving your models a stunning, realistic appearance. However, thanks to their semi-fat tip, these pencils are versatile enough to be used on various finishes, allowing you to explore a wide spectrum of creative possibilities.


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