Water Effect Crystal clear Epoxy

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Epoxy resin is a synthetic resin that can be used for many different types of arts and crafts projects such as: B. Model building, water effects, resin jewelry, encapsulation and quick repairs. The epoxy is created by mixing two components that are matched to one another. When the liquid resin is mixed with its hardener, a chemical reaction is set in motion that typically lasts 24 hours. The mixing of both components needs to be as precise as possible to avoid strange or undesirable behavior such as: B. Never hardening mixtures, hardening times longer than 24 hours or flexible hardened pieces.

Colorants for resins can be added, as well as many other types of fillers such as pigments, glitter powder, and others. The fillers must be compatible and resistant to the temperatures generated during curing.

The components must be thoroughly mixed so that a wooden skewer or spoon can be used to make the mixture. It is advisable to avoid shaking during the process to avoid the formation of air bubbles that remain trapped.
The pot life indicates the amount of time within which the epoxy resin can be used after mixing and depends on the quantity of product mixed. The larger the quantity mixed, the shorter the processing time, which is usually around 20-60 minutes. A warm environment also shortens the working time and speeds up the reaction, while a cold environment delays it.

Low-odour 2-component resin
Viscosity: medium
Maximum application thickness: 3-40 mm
UV Resistance: Medium
Processing time: 20-60min
Curing time: 24h

- 300ml (200 + 100ml)
- 2 silicone mixing glasses
- 2 wooden sticks for mixing


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