Wasteland Creatures: Mirelurks

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The mirelurks are a common sight in the wasteland, making up the bulk of any hive and foraging for meat while protecting their hatchlings and queen. These creatures are masters of stealth and patience, spending much of their time buried in the muck and mire, waiting for their next victim to wander by.

With their toughened carapaces and sharp claws, the mirelurks are formidable foes, capable of taking down even the toughest opponents with a moment's frenzied violence. And once the attack is over, the shoreline returns to its seemingly tranquil quiet, leaving behind only the chittering of barbles and the remains of their unfortunate prey.

With this boxed set, you'll receive two 32mm scale multi-part high-quality resin Mirelurk miniatures, each with unique 40mm scenic bases. These miniatures are perfect for expanding your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games, allowing you to add these fearsome creatures to your collection and take on even the toughest challenges in the wasteland.

Miniatures require assembly and are supplied unpainted.

You need the Enclave Wave Card Expansion Pack to use the contents of this box!


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