Wasteland Creatures: Fog Crawler

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Fog crawlers are fearsome creatures that inhabit coastal regions and islands with low cloud and fog banks. They use the misty cover to hunt and stalk their prey, moving with a shambling gait when not enraged, but quickly accelerating to pounce on their targets. Despite their apparent grazing, the explosive bouts of speed of these solitary beasts make them a danger to even the most wary of hunters.

Fog crawlers are apex predators, feared by even the mighty Deathclaw for their speed and dexterity. They slash and leap at their prey, taking down anything in their path with ease. With their tough exoskeleton and powerful limbs, they're a formidable foe for any adventurer in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

This boxed set contains one 32mm scale multi-part high-quality resin Fog Crawler miniature, complete with a unique 60mm scenic base. It's the perfect addition to any Fallout: Wasteland Warfare collection, allowing players to expand their games and face off against these terrifying creatures.

If you're ready to take on the fog crawlers and emerge victorious, be sure to pick up this boxed set. With its incredible attention to detail and stunning design, it's sure to be a centerpiece of any collection.

Miniatures require assembly and are supplied unpainted.

You need the Enclave Wave Card Expansion Pack to use the contents of this box!


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