Warstomper Mega Gargant

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Warstomper Mega Gargant

Where the fight is hottest, the Warstompers join the fray. Addicted to the noise, blood and stench of war, these monstrosities will travel hundreds of miles to "get stuck". They are so good at fighting that flocks of carrion birds follow them everywhere, eager for the upcoming corpse feast.

In battle, the Warstompers revel in the sheer power that their size gives them. They know the fear they can inflict on their prey by leaping on and off a cohort of elite warriors or smashing the bones of a prized warbeast to dust, and they relish the havoc they wreak when the enemy is in terror flees.

War stomps don't take caves like Kraken Eaters, nor do they seek out targeted loot like city-destroying Gatebreakers. Instead, they live a nomadic existence, ever in search of the telltale smoke and cries of distant conflict. If they encounter an army before the battle begins, they can sell their services as a powerful ally. The Warstompers don't care who they fight for as long as they fight either way. They willingly rent themselves out to those already on the warpath and have a healthy respect for the forces of Chaos, whose entire society is based on war. Some of them are paid to fight an enemy, only to turn on their paymasters at the end of the battle and start the carnage all over again, laughing with boorish delight while their former allies lash out in denial scream

The cunning Warstompers will actively work towards the continuation of wars that might otherwise come to an end. They will consciously choose to fight for the side that appears to be losing in order to prolong the conflict, slaughter everyone with the white flag of surrender, or even hunt down those Honor Guard delegations crossing the wilderness lest they reach their destination, and the bonds of harmony and commerce are never forged. Ultimately, the Warstompers are more or less satisfied as long as they can enjoy the thrill of combat on a daily basis.

Warstompers are well versed in the bloody craft of war. They know the best ways to kill their enemies and defeat the different types of forces that are likely to be deployed against them. Should disciplined ranks of archers darken the skies with arrows, they will use their clubs to protect their torsos and use a fleshy hand to cover their faces, not even caring if a few arrows hit their arms and legs pepper. Should an enemy artillery emplacement hit them, they will pick up a nearby enemy and hurl the screaming unfortunate into the entrenchment in a crude but efficient version of counter-battery fire. When the enemy forms a shield wall, they either jump up and down on it, or simply step right over it and kick the back lines, even as the enemy tries desperately to reposition themselves.

Cavalry charges can be deadly for a gargant, for a lance brought to speed with the might of a charger behind them can pierce their hard hides - but a war pounder knows this, stomping down hard and into the faces of such foes, the steeds , roars can dodge or even fight back against their riders. Those riding mighty drakes or volcanic magmadroth will find the warstomper's hand around their warbeast's throat, choking it and keeping its snapping jaws at arm's length while the mega-gargant swings its mace hard to kill. Some Warstompers have even learned to play dead or pretend to be wounded when they really are, by feigning a fall or kneeling to pull the enemy towards them before expanding to their full height rear up and unleash the full extent of their anger on the enemy.


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