Warlock Skyrunner

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A warlock is an Eldar seer or psyker who previously trod the path of the warrior as an aspect warrior of the Eldar forge worlds and now uses their powerful psychic powers to lead the Eldar warhosts. Warlocks that lose themselves along this path will eventually become Farseers. The most aggressive and martial of all possible variants of the path of the seer is that of the warlock. Since warlocks are seers who once trod the path of the warrior, their previous experience as aspect warriors allows them to harness their more destructive impulses when using their psychic powers in combat. The ornate helms worn by warlocks in the field are kept in the shrines of the warrior aspects as a token of the close connection between warlocks and their former status as warriors. A sorcerer can only attain this status by returning to the Aspect shrine they once belonged to and obtaining their helm from the shrine's Exarch as part of the same blood ritual that Aspect warriors are subjected to.

A warlock not only learns how to wield the psychic runes of war, but also how to wield the witchblade, a powerful Eldar weapon of power. Witchblades writhe and wriggle with living runes of the Eldar Lexicon, channeling the warlock's innate power into destructive psychic energy using a spiraling psychic matrix that runs through the blade's core. In the hands of a warlock, a witch's blade strikes with a devastating burst of psychic power that can incinerate an enemy on the spot.

Whenever the Craftworld Eldar go to war, their warlocks accompany their forces of Aspect Warriors and Guardians. They use their psychic powers to protect the Eldar warriors and wreak havoc on their enemies. A warlock's thought wave can inspire courage in his comrades or sear the souls of the eldar's enemies. While not as psychically powerful as farseers, few of the psykers among the galaxy's other sentient species can match the arcane power of an eldar warlock or match their combat prowess with the might of the warp.

The jet bikes used by Craftworld Aeldari are sleek one-man vehicles powered by powerful anti-gravity engines. The beautifully crafted Aeldari Jetbike is a marvel of engineering that combines high speed with incredible agility and maneuverability through subtle manipulation of the antigravity field. It is capable of such speed that without the prodigious reaction speed of an Aeldari, it would be deadlier to the rider than to its foe.

These incredible machines are so finely crafted that a skilled pilot can cross leagues in mere heartbeats before unleashing a hurricane of shuriken fire at close range on enemy ranks. Retaliation is nearly impossible as the jet bike is agile enough to carry its pilot to cover. With this powerful anti-gravity technology, jet bikes can even be used to climb up the sides of buildings.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything necessary to assemble one Farseer Skyrunner or Warlock Skyrunner.


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