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Amidst the shattered remnants of the warpgates that mark the poles of our world, there exists a mesmerizing spectacle, a relentless dance of raw energies harnessed from the heart of Chaos itself. These tumultuous currents of power surge into the world, a torrent of untamed magic that fuels both wonder and terror. Within this tempestuous cascade of arcane might, sorcery takes form in its purest essence, an art both breathtaking and treacherous.

In the annals of wisdom, a name stands eminent, whispered through the ages like an incantation: Teclis, the paragon among High Elf Mages. His sagacious counsel, a beacon of enlightenment amidst the tempest, guided humanity's fledgling wizards towards a revelation. From the swirling maelstrom of Chaos, they learned to grasp a solitary strand, an isolated tendril of raw magic, akin to capturing lightning in a crystal vial. This act of delicate mastery birthed a form of sorcery that balanced on the precipice between safety and boundless potential.

This manifestation of controlled chaos came to be known as the Winds of Magic.

Within the illuminated pages of "Winds of Magic," a tome as profound as the cosmos it delves into, the accumulated knowledge of aeons is laid bare. The tome serves as a portal into the inner sanctums of eight revered Colleges of Magic, a comprehensive guide to their secret practices and timeless traditions. Yet, it is more than mere scholarship; it weaves a vivid tapestry of history, recounting the evolution of magic in the heart of the Empire itself.

Contained within its pages are revelations that transcend the mundane, unveiling a plethora of magic's guises, each as distinct as the facets of a flawless gem. Creatures born of ethereal realms tread alongside incantations born of whispered winds, and places where the very fabric of reality bends beneath the weight of enchantment are unveiled.

Includes details of a multitude of magic practices, creatures, and places:

  • Each of the eight lores of magic taught by the colleges is provided with a revised and expanded roster of spells and a separate career for each sort of wizard.
  • Rules are provided for rituals, complicated spells that can be used to empower magical sites, create magical creatures, or summon powerful but wild entities.
  • Details on the summoning of Incarnate Elementals, the creation of Magical Constructs and how to develop a familiar as either an NPC or a Player Character.
  • Details on the properties of magical sites, such as the lines of waystones that drain magic towards the Great Vortex in Ulthuan, and several sites associated with a particular wind.
  • Characters can tell the future, read the past, or brew magical potions thanks to rules for the practices of Augury, Psychometry and Alchemy (both magical and mundane).
  • A set of new careers allowing Characters to specialize as a Scryer, Mundane Alchemist, Beadle, or Magister Vigilant.
  • Eight of the Empire’s pre-eminent wizards, from Balthazar Gelt to Elspeth von Draken, are detailed as potential patrons for Characters.
  • Several nemeses are described, such as the Blue Scribes who seek catalogue every spell in existence for the glory of Tzeentch; Egrimm van Horstmann, the greatest Chaos Sorcerer alive; and Mòna Mimn, who wishes to turn all the Old World into a vast fenland.


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