Warhammer Fantasy RPG - Enemy Within 4 - The Horned Rat - engl.

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"My friends in Change, we have sown glorious chaos, but to bring about the time of transition we must act as one, under a champion in the shadows."

The Horned Rat is the fourth volume in the revised and updated Director's Cut of The Enemy Within, one of the most acclaimed RPG campaigns ever written. Build on the dramatic events at the end of The Powers That Be and recruit your brave heroes into the service of the town of Middenheim for more drama and intrigue.

In the penultimate volume of a five-part series of dark and dangerous Warhammer Fantasy RPG adventures, the tables are turned as enemies that have stalked the characters since the beginning of the epic campaign are forced to defend themselves. The time has come to expose their machinations and break apart their organization. The characters cannot afford to relax their guard and celebrate their victories when a new threat looms under their feet.

The Horned Rat includes:

  • The fourth installment in the Enemy Within campaign, conceived by legendary WFRP writer Graeme Davis, with input from a talented team of WFRP writers.
  • A toolkit for exploring Middenheim's complex undercity, a vast environment filled with danger and intrigue.
  • A series of investigations that delves into the ramifications of the storyline in Power Behind the Throne, leading to the realization of a new threat far greater than anything the characters have faced in their previous adventures.
  • Descriptions of an ongoing and deepening crisis in the Empire to be resolved in the final installment of the Enemy Within campaign.

Enemy Within is the campaign that all roleplayers should play at least once in their lifetime, making The Horned Rat a must-have for gamers.


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