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Warcry is a skirmish game of intense action and tactics. Set in the realm of beasts beneath the dense boughs of the deadly Creakwood, hostile warbands fight for territory as they embark on a nightmarish odyssey to the legendary treasure vaults of Talaxis. The Heart of Ghur playset gives you everything you need to play this game and play fast skirmishes between warbands in the Mortal Realms, including models, rules and a bunch of game accessories. There is a strong focus on narrative play here, and you can create your own warband to fight for territory, wealth, and glory. Over time, your fighters grow stronger, learn new skills, and bear battle scars that show they're willing to risk it all. Ghur's heart carries the action with a whole new edition of Warcry from the Eightgates - but the Gnarwood is no less gruesome than anything you can find in this twisted land.

This massive playset includes:

  • 160-page Warcry: Core Book softcover - with images, background and all the rules to play this new edition, including dynamic reactions, game modes and campaigns
  • 64-page Warband Book: Rot and Decay softcover - packed with rules, campaigns and background information on the two warbands in the box
  • Horns of Hashut - 10 merciless invaders devoted to the Father of Darkness. These multi-part plastic miniatures include 1x Alpha Ruinator, 1x Ruinator, 3x Shatterer and 5x Annihilator with an assortment of weapons
  • Foul Swamp Creed - 10 vile swamp dwellers eager to try their poisons. These multi-part plastic miniatures include 1x Welklord, 1x Bloat, 2x Scavenger and 6x Swampfolk Outcasts with an assortment of weapons
  • Creakwood Terrain – 18 plastic terrain pieces to build up your battlefield, including 1x Watchtower, 2x Gnarly Oaks, 4x Suspension Bridges, 1x Rib Platform and 10x Obstacles such as destroyed ruins, palisades, bones and broken Posts
  • A 22" x 30" foldable game board, printed on both sides, depicting two different uneven forest Floors
  • Tokens, dice, cards, range finders and all the essential accessories you need to play

Whether you're a seasoned warband leader or a brand new aspirant, the Heart of Ghur game set gives you a lightning start, all in one box with the ruleset, incredible models, and everything you need to play.

These miniatures come unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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