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This 160-page softcover book contains:

  • Background material and lavish illustrations that will immerse you in the terrifying Knarrwald
  • The complete core rules for Warcry, everything you need to play this skirmish game
  • New rules for Reactions, allowing for more dynamic and aggressive Play
  • Rules for Freeplay, including two types of multiplayer games for three or more players: Coalition of Death and Triumph & Betrayal
  • Rules for Matched Play, including guidelines for balancing your battle plans and hints on how to run a Tournament
  • Rules for narrative play, allowing you to wage exciting campaigns and tell epic stories as your warband gradually grows in power and Reputation
  • A campaign section containing quests and rewards for all factions in Warcry, as well as two full campaign story arcs: Ven Talax's Path and The Chotec Valley
  • A limitless battle plan generator that allows you to build a game quickly and easily with any terrain in your collection


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