Warcradle Scenics: Black Lake Bayou Set

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Built many years ago when the French colonized the area, the Manor at Black Lake was once an opulent place where the wealthy dined and socialized. It has certainly lost its luster since the Ore War. Although it's still an imposing building, it's now for a very different reason. Rumors of it being haunted and the now overgrown local flora make it more spooky than captivating. The 'ownership' of the building has changed hands many times in recent years, with everyone making a tenuous claim, from local moonshiners to Confederate remnants of the Ore War to Mme Marie Leveau and her entourage. This last entry is the source of many macabre stories that seem to revolve around this former haven of luxury.

Within the grounds of Black Lake Manor, this boathouse is rarely seen in the same place twice. This is all the more strange as nobody seems to live there. Obviously someone does, but no living person has ever seen them get in or out of this crudely constructed dwelling. Even when gunfights break out between local bandits and lawyers, no movement can be seen on the deck. If anything makes this random construction her home, she seems able to sense trouble before it arrives and settles elsewhere.

The Black Lake Summer House has fallen into a state of near total neglect. Years ago it might have been considered quaint folly for effeminate family members to do their dalliances when, like those once young and beautiful, their best days are far behind. Now it's just home to wildlife and all the transient creatures that traverse the bayou at night. Very seldom is the tree growing through the roof used as a dead drop between those who engage in nefarious deeds and wish not to be disturbed.

The paddle steamer at Black Lake must have had a name at some point, but that is now lost to the lake, as is much of its hull. Whether through war, accident, or the simple passage of time, no one seems to remember it, but it is now scattered with everything useful ripped from its rotting carcass. Despite this, there are still determined souls willing to risk their lives to delve into the submerged hold in hopes of finding the gold that was the prize in a forgotten poker tournament. No one seems to know if this was even real or not, but those who search often find the bodies of those who went before them. Like those decomposing corpses, this paddle steamer will eventually be swallowed up by the bayou and never seen again.


  • 1x Black Lake Estate
  • 1x boathouse at the Black Lake
  • 1x summer house on the Black Lake
  • 1x Black Lake Paddle Steamer


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