Warband of Moria-Schwarzschilde

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The toughest members of the goblin armies are recruited to join the ranks of the Blackshields. Bolder than their lesser counterparts, these goblins are veterans of wars with the dwarves in the tunnels of Khazad-dûm. The White Warg pelts they wear are a status symbol in the goblin ranks, distinguishing them from their lesser counterparts. On more than one occasion, lesser goblins have attempted to infiltrate the ranks of the Blackshields in search of better prey, only to be singled out and brutally punished for their insolence.

Strengthen your troops with an experienced Morian Blackshield warband that includes a violent Morian Blackshield Captain, a quakecasting Morian Blackshield Shaman, an ominous Morian Blackshield Drummer, and 12 Morian Blackshield Warriors. You can use these to add more variety, tactical options, and unparalleled defenses to your Moria armies.

The kit comes as 25 metal components with which to assemble a Moria Schwarzshield warband, and is supplied with 16x Citadel 25mm Round bases. Rules for these miniatures can be found in Armies from The Lord of the Rings™.


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