War Hydra

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The War Hydras are fearsome monsters specially trained for battle by Dark Elf Beastmasters, who tend to the creatures since they were hatched. War Hydras are titanic monsters, creatures from the dark caverns beneath the Blackspine Mountains. They are terrifying, scaly, multi-serpent-headed beasts that spew smoke and fire and tear people apart with their sharp fangs. From time immemorial, the Dark Elves have trained the Hydras to be used in war, breaking through the lines of enemy troops with their massive mass and fiery breath.

They first came into the Naggarothi armies from the magical Annulii Mountains of Ulthuan and can be found throughout the Iron and Black Spine chains in Naggaroth. The Dark Elves have trained War Hydras since the beginning of the Civil War. In vast dungeons beneath the cities, beastmasters are constantly experimenting with different breeding techniques and enchanting the hydra's eggs to take the ferocity of successive generations to new heights. The armies of the war-hydras of Naggaroth are, therefore, far more intimidating foes than those the dark elves first encountered in the Annulii Mountains many long centuries ago.

The War Hydra are notoriously difficult for their leaders to control, and a beastmaster must be quick with his whip lest he be devoured in the enemy's place. For a Dark Elf warlord, the risk is worth the price, for just as Warhydras are difficult to control, they are even more difficult to kill, for not only are their scaly bodies incredibly well armored, they also regenerate damage in one fell swoop at a frightening rate. An enemy's only chance is to sever all of the monster's heads in quick succession. If even one survives, the rest will quickly regrow, devouring the cheeky attacker for his troubles.

There are many ways to be killed by a hydra: torn apart, swallowed whole, crushed underfoot, sacrificed, or even impaled by arrows as they ricochet off their scaly skin. Generals often see even their finest troops pulverized by just a single War Hydra, and then watch in horror as the beast emerges unharmed from the carnage, let out a deafening roar, and then charge forward with thunderous strides to take down another regiment trample to ruin.


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