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Some say the Wanyudo are a curse from those who would break Michi's tenants. It punished the samurai who failed in their duty to their ancestors and hexed the lands they surveyed. What is known is that these Wanyudo are the actual vision of hell itself. As they rampage through the land, those brave enough to defy the evil Yokai must endure the wicked flames that dance out of the blazing inferno, charring flesh and melting metal and cooking the heroes alive.

While thankfully very rare, like all Yokai of legend, sightings in the Jwar Isles are becoming more widely spoken of, further fueling unrest in the land. Some say that the curse of the Wanyudo will move on when the land's peasants offer up their landlords.

Blister contains one miniature, 40mm base and full color English profile Card.


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