Wake the Dead

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Step into the realm of retribution and dark justice with this potent set, embodying the unyielding resolve and supernatural expertise of the Marshal keyword. These figures unite to form a force that specializes in confronting the supernatural and delivering justice on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble are the Death Marshal Recruiters, figures whose determination and authority are a testament to the Guild's commitment to combating the supernatural. Their presence on the battlefield adds a layer of control and discipline, reflecting their role as enforcers of dark justice.

2 Domadores De Cadaveres complete the set, representing the Guild's response to the macabre and arcane. With their abilities to control and manipulate the dead, these figures provide both utility and a sense of command over the forces beyond the mortal realm.

A figure of judgment and resolution, The Jury embodies the Guild's commitment to delivering dark justice. With abilities that reinforce the sense of retribution, this character adds an element of tactical depth and authority to your gameplay.

United under the Marshal keyword, this ensemble captures the Guild's dedication to confronting the supernatural and delivering justice in the face of the arcane. Whether it's through disciplined control, manipulation of the dead, or the delivery of dark justice, these figures embody the Guild's unshakable resolve. Embrace the power of retribution, command with authority, and lead your Marshal forces with unwavering determination as you command this formidable faction to victory.


  • 2 Death Marshal Recruiters
  • 2 Domadores De Cadaveres
  • The Jury


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