W’adrhun: Tontorr BUNDLE

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Enter the world of the W'adrhun and meet the formidable Tontorrs, the most colossal beasts tamed by this tough tribe. In peacetime, the Tontorrs are gentle giants who carry loads and help with construction work. But when the war drums beat, the calm demeanour of these monsters is replaced by a fearsome ferocity, and they often lead the Vanguard.

The sight of a Tontorr on the battlefield is a testament to the prowess and determination of the W'adrhun speakers. Despite their quiet nature, these creatures transform into fearsome opponents that they can trample down effortlessly due to their immense size and weight.

In the game, the Tontorr is a force not to be trifled with. This massive beast ploughs through even the most regimented troops, wreaking havoc by simply marching over those who dare stand in its way. The Tontorr gives its opponents a clear ultimatum: stand aside or be swept away.

This exclusive package offers a unique opportunity to experience the raw power of the Tontorr. Included in this package are the Tontorr Chieftain Rider and the Tontorr collectibles. The Chieftain's Rider shows the remarkable connection between W'adrhun leaders and these powerful beasts, while the Tontorr Collectibles serve as tangible pieces of this captivating W'adrhun lore. Experience the power of the Tontorrs first-hand and let the spirit of the W'adrhun echo in your game.

Box contents

  • 1 giant plastic monster miniature
  • 3 crew miniatures
  • 1 command card

Bonus items:

  • Tontorr Chief Rider
  • Tontorr collectibles

Product Information

  • Assembly: Required
  • Material: Plastic
  • Scale: 38mm

Role in the game

  • Battlefield role: Restricted heavy Monster
  • Class: Heavy
  • Type: Monster


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