W'adrhun: First Blood Warband

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Experience the thrill of battle and take your place among the great W’adrhŭn warriors with the First Blood Warband. This set includes a squad of fierce Hunting Pack, Blooded, Veterans, and Braves, as well as a Scion of Conquest and an Aberration officer, ready to lead your Warband to victory.

With the First Blood II Rulebook, Start Play Guide, and Assembly Instructions included, you'll have everything you need to jump right into the action. And with the bases and stands provided, your Warband will look fantastic on the tabletop, ready to defend your territory against any invaders.

But the W’adrhŭn First Blood Warband is more than just a great starting point for the First Blood game. These figures are fully compatible with the Last Argument of Kings mass fantasy battle game, allowing you to expand your Warband and engage in epic battles with other players.

As you lead your Warband into battle, you'll feel the thrill of combat course through your veins. These figures are more than just plastic, they are warriors brought to life, ready to fight for the honor of the W’adrhŭn people.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of tabletop gaming or a newcomer to the hobby, the W’adrhŭn First Blood Warband is the perfect addition to your collection. So don't wait, take up arms and lead your Warband to victory today!


  • 4 Blooded
  • 4 Veterans
  • 4 Braves
  • 1 Hunting Pack
  • 1 Aberration
  • 1 Scion of Conquest
  • 14 Infantry Bases
  • 4 Infantry Stands
  • 1 Cavalry Base and Stand
  • 7 Command Cards
  • 1 First Blood Softcover Rulebook
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Path of Conquest Brochure


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