W’adrhŭn: Army Support Pack Wave 5

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Prepare for an exceptional Conquest adventure with the Special W'adrhun Set, immersing you in the distinctive world of the W'adrhun faction. This all-encompassing set provides everything you need to enhance your gameplay and stay current with the latest releases for 2024.

Mastermind your W'adrhun forces with precision using 20 Command Cards. These cards bestow upon you the tactical edge required to outmaneuver your adversaries and seize victory on the battlefield.

Inject intrigue and depth into your games with Secret Objectives. These hidden goals will test your strategic acumen and keep every match exhilarating as you seek to unravel their mysteries.

Embark on a journey into the arcane arts through individually illustrated Spell and Incantation Cards. These cards not only serve as memory aids but also immerse you in the mystical realm of the W'adrhun faction.

Customize your gameplay to your liking with specialized scenario cards, tailored for various playstyles, through TLAOK and First Blood Scenario Cards. Whether you yearn for high-speed action or more deliberate strategic battles, these cards offer diverse options to suit your preferences.

Enhance your spellcasting experience with the inclusion of casting tokens, meticulously designed to streamline your W'adrhun spellcasting and intensify the immersion.

Stay at the forefront of W'adrhun magic with the introduction of two new spells for 2024, harnessing the formidable power of the Scions. These spells introduce fresh layers of strategy to your gameplay.

Preserve your essential cards and tokens in style with the exquisitely illustrated W'adrhun-themed deck box. This visually captivating container not only safeguards your components but also proudly displays your faction allegiance in your gaming setup.

The Special W'adrhun Set is your gateway to conquer the battlefield with the unyielding might of the W'adrhun faction. Stay updated with the latest 2024 releases and lead your faction to resplendent glory with this indispensable Collection.

Box Contents:

  • 5 Spell Cards
  • 22 Command Cards
  • 10 Objective Cards
  • 3 Incantation Cards
  • 12 Cult Tokens Cards
  • 12 The Last Argument of Kings Scenario Cards for casual play
  • 12 First Blood Scenario Cards for casual play
  • 1 W’adrhŭn Deck Box


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