WWII German Colours

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Introducing Vallejo Model Colour Set 7: WW II GERMAN COLOURS (16 colours) - Bring History to Life with Authenticity and Precision!

Explore the vibrant world of World War II German colours with Vallejo Model Colour Set 7. This comprehensive collection of 16 carefully curated colours allows you to recreate the iconic palette of the era with unprecedented accuracy and attention to detail.

Inside this set, you'll find a range of hues specifically designed to capture the essence of historical accuracy. From the rich and lustrous Brass (801) to the bold intensity of German Orange (805) and German Yellow (806), each colour has been meticulously formulated to ensure perfect colour matching for your World War II German-themed models.

Achieve stunning metallic effects with Silver (997), while Red Leather (818) and Sunny Skin Tone (845) bring warmth and realism to figures and accessories. Enhance your models' realism with the glossy depth of Glossy Black (861) and the earthy tones of Dark Sea Green (868), Leather Brown (871), and Tan Yellow (912).

Capture the essence of German uniforms with German Uniform (920) and Dark Red (946). Achieve striking contrasts with the timeless duo of Black (950) and White (951), and add depth and dimension with Neutral Grey (992) and German Grey (995).

Each colour in this set is formulated with Vallejo's renowned quality and consistency, ensuring smooth application and exceptional coverage. Whether you're a seasoned modeller or just starting your journey, Vallejo Model Colour Set 7 provides you with the essential tools to recreate the iconic colours of World War II German history with precision and authenticity.

Discover the thrill of bringing historical moments to life on your dioramas, miniatures, and models. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and intricacies of World War II German colours, capturing the spirit of the era in every brushstroke.

Unleash your creativity, elevate your projects, and immerse yourself in the rich history of World War II with Vallejo Model Colour Set 7: WW II GERMAN COLOURS (16 colours). Embrace authenticity, precision, and the highest standard of quality. Your models will shine with historical accuracy like never before!


  • 801 Brass
  • 805 German Orange
  • 806 German Yellow
  • 997 Silver
  • 818 Red Leather
  • 845 Sunny Skin Tone
  • 861 Glossy Black
  • 868 Dark Sea Green
  • 871 Leather Brown
  • 912 Tan Yellow
  • 920 German Uniform
  • 946 Dark Red
  • 950 Black
  • 951 White
  • 992 Neutral Grey
  • 995 German Grey

  • Paint Eqiupment: Sets

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