Von Schtook Core Box

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Step into the realm of scientific experimentation and necromantic power with this intriguing set, embodying the mastery and eerie fascination of the Transmortis keyword. These figures unite to form a force that specializes in the manipulation of life and death on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Prof. Von Schtook, a figure of unparalleled intellect and necromantic prowess. His presence on the battlefield is a testament to his mastery of death and reanimation, reflecting his role as a scholarly and sinister leader.

A figure of both enigma and determination, Anna Lovelace complements Prof. Von Schtook's mastery with her own unique abilities. Her role in support and manipulation adds an element of tactical depth and intrigue to your gameplay.

Research Assistant: This character completes the set, embodying the Guild's commitment to scientific advancement and experimentation. With the ability to aid in research and contribute to the Transmortis forces, the Research Assistant provides both utility and support to your forces.

These eager students represent the next generation of Transmortis necromancers. With their abilities to wield necromantic power and manipulate the forces of death, these figures provide both ranged support and close-quarters combat capabilities to your forces.

United under the Transmortis keyword, this ensemble captures the Resurrectionist's dedication to the manipulation of life and death in pursuit of knowledge and power. Whether it's through necromantic mastery, manipulation of forces, or scientific advancement, these figures embody the Resurrectionist's eerie fascination. Embrace the power of necromantic mastery, command with sinister intellect, and lead your Transmortis forces with unwavering determination as you command this unique faction to victory.


  • Prof. Von Schtook
  • Anna Lovelace
  • Research Assistant
  • 3 Undergraduates


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