Volkano 44X60''

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Immerse yourself in the exhilarating realm of war as you command your forces amidst a truly extraordinary battlefield. Picture a volcanic landscape, a fiery canvas where your favorite wargames come alive. Here, amidst the tumultuous chaos, cracks in the scorched earth reveal glimpses of the infernal abyss below, allowing molten lava to defiantly surge forth from the subterranean depths.

This inhospitable terrain presents a formidable challenge to all who dare to engage. Every step is fraught with peril, for jagged rocks lie strewn about, threatening to impede your progress and shatter even the hardiest of defenses. Sulphurous vapors, carried on the billowing winds, assail your senses, a constant reminder of the ominous forces that dwell within this realm. Yet, it is the incandescent magma, a furious river of liquid fire, that serves as the ultimate arbiter of destruction. It engulfs all in its path, consuming indiscriminately and reducing all it touches to mere remnants of their former existence.

In this treacherous domain, your wits are as vital as your weaponry. You must navigate the unforgiving landscape, exploiting the ever-present perils to your advantage. Use the jagged rocks as impromptu fortifications, offering both shelter and vantage points to survey the battlefield. Beware, however, for the very ground beneath you may crumble, plunging your forces into the depths of the inferno.

The enemy, too, must grapple with the same hazards that bedevil your own troops. The relentless heat, the acrid fumes, and the ceaseless threat of annihilation become equalizers on this volcanic stage. The forces that once seemed indomitable now stand on the precipice of vulnerability, their grandeur diminished by the overwhelming forces of nature.

Made from synthetic cloth with a 2mm thick rubber foam backing. It lays perfectly and istantly. Non slipper backing surface. Gaming surface resistant to scratch and durable.


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