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A Voidweaver is a special open-top anti-gravity gunship used exclusively by the mysterious Eldar Harlequins. Slender and sinister, void weavers charge into battle with balletic grace. Armed with an arsenal of heavy weapons, these gunships wreak havoc in their wake. With each salvo, enemies are knocked off their feet in spatters of blood as storms of shuriken screech through the air. Armored vehicles that capture the gunner's attention are vaporized in blazes of prismatic light or suffer sudden catastrophic system failure under a barrage of haywire energy. Even those foes who dodge the violent fury of the Voidweaver's charging run are not safe, as its rear cannon unleashes a devastating hail of fire to slaughter those who duck in its wake.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 94 components with which to make one Harlequin Voidweaver or Starweaver. Also includes a large flying base and a Harlequin transfer sheet.


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