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In the realm of the Outcasts, where allegiances are fleeting and survival is paramount, the keyword "Mercenary" defines a band of individuals who thrive in the shifting sands of fortune. These figures, united by their independent spirits and the allure of coin, tread the path of the unpredictable.

At the forefront of this group stands the formidable duo of Viktoria Chambers. These two sisters, each a force to be reckoned with, embody the essence of the Mercenary keyword. With a bond that runs deeper than blood, they navigate the tumultuous waters of the Outcasts, seeking both profit and purpose. Their loyalty lies with each other, and their swords are wielded for coin and conviction alike.

Beside the Viktoria Chambers stands Vanessa Chambers, a figure whose presence resonates with the allure of the unknown. Her motives are as veiled as the shadows that dance across her path, and her skills as a sharpshooter make her a valuable asset in a world where survival depends on wit and weaponry.

Complementing this trio are the Ronin, three warriors who bear the scars of their tumultuous lives. As mercenaries by nature, they have embraced the ever-changing tides of the Outcasts' realm, adapting to each challenge with the skill of those who have seen it all. Their swords are not merely weapons; they are extensions of their will and a testament to their resilience.

Together, the Viktoria Chambers, Vanessa Chambers, and the Ronin paint a vivid portrait of the Mercenary keyword within the Outcasts' domain. In their presence, the very notion of loyalty and allegiance is challenged, and the allure of coin and companionship becomes a driving force. As you navigate the enigmatic landscape of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter figures who embody the spirit of the Mercenary, where survival and self-interest dance hand in Hand.


  • 2 Viktoria Chambers
  • Vanessa Chambers
  • 3 Ronin


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