Viking Shields - Set 3 (8)

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Deep in the misty fjords of the north lies hidden a treasure of unprecedented size and importance. A treasure that embodies the fearlessness and bravery of warriors past - the set of 8 different Viking round shields. These powerful shields are the legacy of a bygone era when brave warriors traversed the rough seas and explored the frontiers of the world.

Each shield that adorns this unique set is a miniature artistry in itself. Measuring approximately 14-15mm in diameter and 28-30mm in scale, they are perfectly proportioned to bring the beauty and authenticity of the Viking Age to your collection. From ornate engravings to distinctive Norse symbols, they tell stories of past battles and recall the boldness and pride of brave Viking warriors.

Created with attention to detail and the pursuit of historical accuracy, these Viking round shields fit seamlessly into the world of miniatures and tabletop gaming. With each shield, a new dimension opens up to bring your warriors, Viking settlements or battle scenarios to life.

Venture on an epic journey through the centuries as you add these shields to your collection and feel transported back to the glory days of the Viking warriors. Conquer the storms of time and let these round shields become the guardians of your miniature army, accompanying you and your warriors in battles and adventures.

Get the set of 8 different Viking round shields and immerse yourself in the mythical world of the North. Unleash the power and courage of the Vikings in your miniatures games and relive the stories of past heroes immortalized in these impressive shields. A tribute to the bravery and steadfast spirit of the Vikings, this set will become a true gem in your collection of miniatures and tabletop accessories.

The set includes 8x different Viking round shields.

The shields have a diameter of about 14-15mm. Scale: 28-30mm


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