Victrix Miniatures

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As one of the largest hobby miniature companies globally, Victrix brings joy to wargamers spanning over 100 different countries. Embracing players, painters, collectors, and modellers from every corner of the globe, Victrix's mission is to create highly detailed and historically accurate miniatures, enabling people to relive history on their own terms.

Step into a realm of endless possibilities as Victrix releases hundreds of unique miniatures annually. From Ancient Greeks and Vikings to Romans and Napoleonics, their diverse range caters to enthusiasts of various historical periods. The journey to crafting the perfect figure is intricate and demanding, starting from the sketch-board and evolving through digital sculpting and moulding, until each masterpiece is finally ready to be painted and played!

At KuTaMi, we proudly present the extensive collection of Victrix miniatures, offering a wide array of historic figures suitable for various wargaming tabletops. Whether you delve into the world of Saga, engage in epic battles with Lord of the Rings tabletop, immerse yourself in the intensity of Bolt Action or Flames of War, or embark on thrilling Roleplaying Adventures, Victrix has something for every gaming enthusiast.

Unleash your creativity with an abundance of options – soldiers armed with bows, spears, or rifles, civilists representing various eras, mighty war chariots, and courageous mounted warriors. The possibilities for immersive and exciting tabletop scenarios are limitless with Victrix Miniatures.

As Victrix's range continues to expand, is dedicated to bringing you fresh and unique miniatures regularly. Dive into history, create unforgettable wargaming experiences, and make your tabletop battles come alive with the exceptional quality and attention to detail offered by Victrix Miniatures. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore this extraordinary world – start building your collection today and explore the range of Victrix miniatures at KuTaMi!

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