Vex Machinator Arch-Lord

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Vex Machinator is the Arch-Lord Discordant of the Black Legion.

The true name of Vex Machinator, a member of Abaddon's inner circle, is a lost secret. He is instead named for his deeds, as he causes trouble to all who approach him. It feeds on bitter discord between friends and foes, leaving behind a corrupting Scrapcode aura that corrupts any machine spirits in its presence. As he rides to war, orders go unheeded and unheeded, and battle plans fall apart. Outside of combat, its chaotic aura is used to annihilate those who would conspire against the Despoiler, such as foiling the Demon Prince Shamha Ygra-Thrysh's plot. It's hard to find an Agent of Chaos more hated.

Abaddon used the Vex Machinator on Vigilus during the War of the Beasts. When he led an attack of Bloodcrushers and Daemon Engines against the Cadians at Tzimitria Breach, the previously disciplined troops could not focus their fire the way they had been trained. They paid for their mistake with their lives.

 The Lord Discordant wields a massive Impaler Glaive, and his mechatendrils can smash into his foes. His frenzied Daemon Engine steed can be equipped with a bale flame or autocannon, and your choice of a magma cutter or technovirus injector. The miniature comes as 63 plastic components, and is supplied with a Citadel 120mm x 92mm Oval base.


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