Verminlord Deceiver

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Vermin Lord Deceiver

Perhaps the least seen of all Verminlords are the Deceivers, the Lords of Assassins, the Shadows that Kill. That's how they prefer it. It is not their style to charge across a battlefield like a clumsy warlord. Instead, their power lies in camouflage. They move in clouds of shadows, obscuring even those around them. Only when their schemes have matured does a Verminlord Deceiver emerge from the darkness to strike. They appear out of nowhere, moving with bewildering speed. In their raised hands they summon three-winged throwing stars. With a flick of the wrist, the Verminlord can hurl the Death Star, sending it flying in a great circular arc at enemies. The flash of his passing is seen, leaving victims decapitated and severing limbs. At the end of its awkward flight, the Verminlord Deceiver will snatch it out of the air and throw it again in quick succession. Their mobility and ability to move quickly is such that the creatures can even throw their weapons and catch them from a completely different part of the battlefield.

In close combat, the Verminlord Deceivers favor the warpstiletto. A stabbing weapon the length of a man, its sharply pointed shape allows the blade to penetrate deep into an enemy, where its venomous nature can inflict the greatest damage with great efficiency. While ordinary soldiers smack each other incessantly, a trickster can take down any foe, no matter their size, with just a quick warpstiletto thrust


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