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This multi-part plastic kit contains one Drukhari Venom in 62 components. The kit includes two Wychs that represent a unit being transported into battle, a third Wych that fires the onboard frag cannon, and a clear plastic canopy that allows you to paint the pilot and still be able to see him to be able to when the kit is fully built. It also comes with a ball head flying stand and large flying base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

The Venom is a small Drukhari skimmer that is the fastest and most maneuverable aircraft in the Dark Eldar fleet. It is also sometimes used by Eldar Corsairs and Harlequins, both of whom spend time in Commorragh and gain access to Drukhari technology.

The Dark Eldar raids rely primarily on the advantages of surprise and sheer speed. As a result, all Dark Eldar Skimmers are exceptionally fast and extremely maneuverable in the atmosphere. The most agile of all Drukhari transports is known as the Venom, an arrowhead-shaped glider that carries an elite group of Dark Eldar warriors into battle.

Rather than presenting an obvious target, the Dark Eldar forces attack in waves, a veritable horde of their speederships streaming from the webway portals they open in the target worlds' tormented skies. Though many of these Dark Eldar ships can still be intercepted by enemy anti-aircraft fire, even a highly disciplined battery will prove unable to stop all ships in the black swarm falling upon it. Also, it is always the largest and most populous transport, attracting the attention of well-trained enemy soldiers.

Thus the most devious Dark Eldar ride into battle in aircraft no larger than the Vypers used by their Craftworld counterparts, or in the sky chariots that were once so ubiquitous in the skies of planets invaded by the lost Aeldari- empires were ruled. Speed ??is always of the utmost importance to the Dark Eldar - should even one Venom penetrate enemy air defenses, it can be enough to prove the opposition's downfall while its deadly passengers go about their bloody work.

Though the Venom's booster engines and anti-gravity emitters implanted in its ribs resemble those of other Dark Eldar gliderships, the vehicle is so agile and sensitive to its pilot's commands that it can juk through a hail of incoming fire. its holographic flickerfield confuses enemy snipers and auspexes. An experienced Venom pilot can even maneuver his vehicle into segments of the Webway that are only intended for single person passage. Because of this, Venoms are very popular with Commorrite hunters and the Dark Eldar nobles in the upper towers of the Dark City, who enjoy running over their enemies as a form of vile sport.


Despite her small size, the Venom can carry a small squad of up to 5 hand-picked elite warriors trained to fight as a coordinated unit. While most Drukhari Archons and elite warriors prefer to lead their Kabalite Warriors into battle aboard a larger raider tailored to their specific tastes, this does not sit well with the particularly arrogant Komorrites, who do not team up with mere foot soldiers want.

Sometimes Venoms are used to transport just a single warrior into battle in unusual ways. These are usually the Dark Eldar nobles who are so confident in their own superiority that they believe they don't need bodyguards—or those so paranoid they fear them. Those in the Empire's armed forces who have seen the Dark Eldar in combat know that a single one of these vicious xenos warriors is sometimes enough - the true poison released by a Venom is its passengers, not its weapons. However, the skimmer carries the following weapons:

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