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Lauka Vai Mother of Nightmare

Lauka Vai is the rarest of things - a vampire with a conscience. Although she appears as a grotesque fusion of flesh, her soul is that of a fierce warrior queen. It was once the noblest sword of the Askurga Renkai, an order of ghur vampire knights who, while they had no love for mortals, refused to exploit the weaker. When the Age of Chaos came, they fought bravely to defy the corrupting forces. However, a quest to Realm's Edge to slay a vile Tzeentchian wizard would rewrite Lauka's fate. She had long practiced the art of drawing in the beast within without succumbing to its wrath. But during the fight with the sorcerer, she was thrown into a tar pit dripping with primal Ghurian magic and emerged with her body contorted into that of a nightmare. Upon her return, the proud knights of the Askurga Renkai attempted to kill her champion, believing she was inherently corrupt. In outraged frenzy, Vai tore them apart with her claws. Horrified at her fratricide, she fled into the dunes.

For years Lauka fought alone, roaming the desolate wilderness and continuing to battle savage beasts and corrupting warlords. On occasions when she was watched by reticent peoples, she was forced to flee - that is, if she did not succumb to her hunger and anger and commit crimes that gnawed at her tirelessly as the red mist finally cleared. But the Necroquake changed Lauka's future a second time. The monstrous Vengorians who ruled the Avengorii dynasty went to great lengths to track down the Mother of Nightmares, having heard of her exploits and considering her a model of their corrupt breed. While embracing one's ferocity violated Lauka's martial creed, she also couldn't deny that this was the first true camaraderie she'd known in some time. The Avengorii may have been rough, but they deserved a champion who would give them a worthy war.

Now Lauka Vai reigns as queen among monsters, leading her bestial hosts against the hordes of chaos and destruction she deems her best opponents. Like all Vengorians, she is imbued with endemagic, capable of corroding a blade in seconds or summoning bloody downpours of black blood, but Lauka's greatest weapon is her iron will. Even the corpse monsters favored by the Avengorii are imbued with the sheer personality of the Mother of Nightmares, fighting in her shadow with unmatched focus. But there is a price. Should Lauka's composure flag in the heat of battle, the violence she is capable of is terrifying to behold. Each time, she finds it harder to retreat from the brink of madness. Should their minds ever fully shatter, the fate of Ghur's living residents would be truly bloody.

This kit contains 39 plastic components with which to make one Lauka Vai, Mother of Nightmares. It is supplied with 1x Citadel 80mm Round Base. This model can alternatively be built as a Vengorian Lord.


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